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    Playfulness and elegance in one.

New TEDA collection.
Playfulness and elegance in one.

05 October 2022

The combination of traditional carpentry and upholstery crafts created a new TEDA bedroom of the same name in cooperation with the TEDA design studio.

The designers' intention was to create this collection combining solid "wild" wood with pleasantly soft material. This combination gives the bed high strength, but at the same time it looks very cozy and also offers a practical possibility of support on the upholstered headboard.

 The simple and clean design of the easily removable upholstered headboard panels gives the bed a unique look, but also practical use with the possibility of various color combinations.

The sides of the bed are softened by a thin cut line, which sensitively divides a large area of solid wood.

About the new collection

Who is TEDA?

In this collection, the natural beauty of wood is connected with minimal intervention in carving natural color runs, which are formed by nature itself.

The annual rings of the tree record its life, the weather in each year, but above all the energy and uniqueness of nature. The aim of the design is not to improve or clean anything, we want to bring the beauty of nature as it is. Each piece of our bed is original and nature itself is our partner and design co-creator.

TEDA bedside table drawer

Detail of upholstered forehead

"Nature itself is our partner and
design co-creator. "

Her professional colleague DAVID says: "As a little boy, I admired the craftsmanship of my ancestors. I remember a walk in the woods with my grandfather, who could read in the trees and also showed me in the shapes of the branches the practical use of all parts of the tree. The branch, which was crooked, was not thrown away, but was used to make various household tools. It was playful nature that was the grandfather's co-creator. I am a mechanical engineer by profession and for some time I had the opportunity to work as an artistic blacksmith with an experienced blacksmith in Kaiserslautern, Germany. I have always enjoyed giving the material shape and utility value, but wood… This has fascinated me since I was a child, as it is a living material that is easy to machine and shape.

If you take the wood in your hand, it warms you and, above all, it smells beautiful. That's one of the reasons I ran away from cold iron 25 years ago for the smell of wood. ”David and Tereza at the christening of the new TEDA bed at the fair

"If you take the wood in your hand, it keeps you warm,
and above all it smells beautiful. "

"We are aware that good product design and expertise are important when creating products, which is why our studio has come together with the leading designer JAKUB MUŽÍKwho is a true master in his field and can tame our sometimes very daring creations and ideas. He was our right hand at the construction of upholstery upholstery master JAROSLAV KRESTA, who has been involved in this craft for more than a quarter of a century, adds David. "

"We would like to thank everyone
who participated with us in the creation of this collection. "



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