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Healthy sleep - our mattress is the solution

May 28, 2013

Are you dealing with healthy sleep? Invest in a quality mattress !!! special offer -15% extended until 31.7.2013.

Healthy sleep - our mattress is the solution

Are you dealing with healthy sleep? Invest in a quality mattress!

While sleeping on a quality mattress, a person is able to regenerate up to 90% of his physical and mental strength. The company offers for healthy sleep and perfect relaxation JELÍNEK - výroba nábytku sr o. to their orthopedic customers lamellar mattresses SARA.

Flexible orthopedic slats grate, which is built into the mattress, can firmly and sensitively copy the shape of the body and properly support it. The grate can be easily adjusted to the user's weight. In the lateral position, the axis of the spine remains straight, when lying on its back in its natural physiologically curved shape. This not only relaxes the muscles, but also relaxes the skeletal structure of the body. Thanks to the relaxation of the intervertebral joints, ligaments and discs, the internal organs, which have their nerve centers ending in these areas, are naturally regenerated during sleep.

"Custom" mattresses

Today, JELÍNEK is ready for allergies, eczema and weakened immunity make a so-called "tailor-made" mattress even for the most demanding customer. The user can enter any size of mattress, choose the material of individual foam components and choose from several types of removable covers for regular washing.

The quality of slatted mattresses marketed by JELÍNEK is regularly checked by Czech state testing laboratories. The SÁRA klasická mattress has received the Czech Made quality mark 6 times in a row. Since 2006, the SÁRA mattress has been awarded the prestigious "Czech Quality Furniture" award.

The values on which we base ourselves

Why should you buy furniture from us

Made in Wallachia

We continue the family tradition and artisanal handwork since 1897.

Quality and sustainability

Our solid wood furniture will last for generations.

Human touch and handwork

Each of our products passes through the hands of dozens of people.

We understand healthy sleep

For 30 years, we have been manufacturing customized SÁRA orthopedic slatted mattresses.

Our services from A to Z

From interior design to own transport and assembly throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.