Properties of beech wood

March 28, 2014

Do you like the look and smell of solid wood? Buy beech wood furniture for your apartment, which will pleasantly surprise you with its quality, durability and will perfume your home with unadulterated nature!

Properties of beech wood

The JELÍNEK company It offers you well-crafted solid beech wood furniturethat will delight you with its timeless design! You can choose from a wide range menu menus, living room furniture or exclusive bedroom sets.

Beech wood has a brown to slightly pink color, which gives beech wood furniture its unmistakable appearance. Beech wood is solid, very well machined, seas and sticks. The great advantages of beech wood also include its good flexibility. Bent parts of chairs and tables from production company JELÍNEK they are made with traditional technology from laminated beech wood. Beech wood is also suitable for slicing veneers or creating plywood.
Beech wood furniture fits perfectly into any interior, is easy to maintain and you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come. Beech wood is extra suitable for allergy sufferers and small children.

Basic information about beech

European beech is one of the deciduous deciduous trees. It has a slender trunk and a regular egg crown. Beech can grow to a height of over 45 meters and its fruit is a beech. European beech is abundant throughout Europe and is one of the most frequently processed trees. Beech is also often planted as an ornamental tree in parks.

Beech wood and our ancestors

Beech wood was widely used and recognized by our ancestors, who believed in its ability to strongly absorb energy and remove various diseases, migraines and headaches from the body. Beech wood clarifies our thoughts, adds zest to life and maintains a positive outlook. The old grandmothers of the spice factory also attributed the beech's ability to fulfill wishes and carved magical signs or runes into its trunk.
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For 30 years, we have been manufacturing customized SÁRA orthopedic slatted mattresses.

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