March 15, 2024

World Sleep Day

When and why is it celebrated?

We celebrate the last Friday before the vernal equinox every year World Sleep Day. This year's falls on 15th of March. The aim is to draw attention to the growing problems with sleep disorders and to reduce the impact of health risks on society through better prevention and control. In the past, the question of healthy sleep was not so important, because the daily rhythm was much simpler. However, with the increasing pace of life, stress and sedentary work, sleep disorders become one of the burdens of civilization, which can grow into serious health complications.

"Do you know that more than 30% of the % population is at risk for sleep disorders, and that this affects both adults and children?"

The need for sleep duration is individual – is influenced not only by genetics, but also by other factors. Although it seems that 7-8 hours a day is optimal for healthy adults, it is good to set aside up to 9 hours for sleep. Because sleep interruptions by awakening are common, which normally make up to 5 % of sleep time.

The consequence of poor quality sleep is fatigue, inefficiency and mood changes.

There are basic rules for improving sleep hygiene, which we discussed earlier in our article SLEEP HYGIENE. The basis is to limit caffeine and alcohol, avoid heavy meals before bedtime, maintain a regular sleep schedule and create a suitable environment for relaxation - the basis is a quality bed and mattress. By following these simple rules, you can contribute to an overall improvement in the quality of your sleep.

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The bedroom is the place where we spend more than 1/3 of our life, so it should be a place that will be calm and pleasant. The basis of every bedroom is the bed, an even more important part is the mattress and pillow. As manufacturers of quality beds and orthopedic slatted mattresses, we are happy to advise you on their selection.

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