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RÁCHEL sofa set - elegant sofa and comfortable bed for a guest

March 21, 2014

The living room is a place where the whole family gathers. In addition to watching TV calmly and relaxing after a busy day, we also make a visit here, organize small family celebrations and spend fun moments with our loved ones. The lack of space in the living room is usually easily solved by seating guests on the chairs brought from the kitchen. But if you want to arrange an overnight stay for your guests at home, will you have a place to store them?

RÁCHEL sofa set - elegant sofa and comfortable bed for a guest
Comfortable and practical


In these cases, the sofa in the living room is one of the most common solutions for an overnight stay. Therefore, when choosing it, we should place great emphasis not only on the appearance and material, but also on comfort and size.

You have certainly experienced a situation you have had at home many times unscheduled lodger. If you don't have a big enough house with a specially furnished guest room, you probably have no choice but to put the guest on a cramped couch or, in extreme cases, on an uncomfortable mat. But an unexpected overnight stay should be considered in every household - especially if you have a lot of friends.
The ideal solution is therefore our practical one folding sofa RÁCHEL, which you can easily and quickly disassemble at any time using a special mechanism and create a comfortable bed for your visit. In addition, the resulting bed can be positioned in its head part. 
In addition to the RÁCHEL seat, it can also be unfolded at any time individual armchairs RÁCHEL. The RÁCHEL sofa set offers a wide variability and, in case of interest, it can be supplemented with a to order practical storage space.
RÁCHEL sofa is made of quality materials such as beech and solid oak woodwhich excels in its high durability. The upholstery of the set is filled with quality cold PUR foam with flexible breathable polyester fleece. Each customer can freely choose the upholstery fabric from the basic swatch JELÍNEK and thanks to this, the sofa can perfectly match your other furniture! Thanks to the RÁCHEL sofa, you will not have to compromise between design and comfort. Sofa RÁCHEL it is very modern and creates an unmistakable elegant impression. In a few seconds, you can easily unfold it and reassemble it - without much effort and without worrying about where to save your visit.
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