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DIANA folding bed - ideal not only for a small apartment

August 27, 2014

Do you have a small apartment and do you sleep on a sofa for lack of space? Get a quality sofa…

DIANA folding bed - ideal not only for a small apartment

Do you have a small apartment and do you sleep on a sofa for lack of space? Get a quality sofa bed and stop compromising on the quality of your sleep! Folding beds are a great solution not only for a one-room apartment, but they are also suitable as sleeping for your guests. You will also appreciate their practicality and compactness, for example in cottages or chalets.

Comfortable sofa and spacious bed
The JELÍNEK company offers you a practical folding bed DIANA, which perfectly combines function seating and sleeping furniture. Its elegant design and quality craftsmanship will delight you. The big advantage is also that it sits and lies comfortably on it, which will surely be appreciated especially by your back.
Practical single bed and double bed
DIANA folding bed it can be easily folded and unfolded at any time. Thanks to this, it simply replaces the sofa and the sleeping bed. As this unique sofa bed has two slats, you can have it comfortable single bed and spacious double bed for 2 people. The lying area is a folded bed 200 x 90 cm, in case of half decomposition is the lying area 200 x 130 cm. The lying area of the whole unfolded bed is 200 x 170 cm.
Anatomically shaped sitting and healthy sleep
When folded, the DIANA folding bed offers anatomically correct seating, including comfortable support. The bed is equipped with an exclusive mattresses DIANA and backrest DIANAwhich, after layout, serves as mattress.
Quality mattress and backrest
Sandwich core mattress and the DIANA backrest is made of high quality PUR foam.
Top layer mattress and the backrest the customer can choose from high quality foams such as TALALY LATEX, TERMOPUR, NAWAPUR and CELLPUR. For those interested, it is also possible to insert a DIANA bed orthopedic slatted mattress with reinforced edge. Mattress You can also have a DIANA bed made in upholstery with an extra charge.
Practical storage space
The DIANA folding bed has an extra bed two practical drawersthat can be used as storage space for your duvets or other things. Thanks to such a cleverly designed space for storing things, you can save additional space in your home again.
Folding bed made of solid wood
DIANA folding bed is made of solid OAK or BUKU in combination with a dimensionally stable blockboard, which is veneered with natural veneer. Each customer can choose the shade of the wood of the folding bed according to their own taste from the company's swatches JELÍNEK.
The care we rely on

Why make us happy

We provide an above-standard 5-year warranty on all furniture and mattresses.

We provide above standard
5 year warranty on all
furniture and mattresses.

We suffer from quality workmanship even in places that are not visible.

On quality workmanship
we suffer even in places
which are not visible.

Even after the end of the warranty, we continue to provide service and will come to you at any time.

Even after the warranty expires
we continue to provide service at any time
we will come to you.

We make furniture from solid wood without toxic substances.

We make furniture
of solid wood
and free of toxic substances.