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Interview with designer Sabina Stržínková

10 July 2023

Read a short interview with the designer Sabina Stržínková, who is behind the design of the SABI table and the TAMMI chair. She told us where she was inspired to create, why the SABI table is special and what she is currently working on.

Young Czech designer

Sabina Stržínková

Czech designer Sabina Stržínková studied Industrial Design at Tomáš Bata University in Zlín. She completed an internship at the Schneid design studio in Germany. He currently works as a teacher at the Secondary Glass School of Arts and Crafts in Valašské Meziříčí. Sabina has designed several products for us that have been successful. TAMMI chair won the Furniture of the Year 2021 award, the Grand Prix Award and the BigSee WoodDesign Award 2021. SABI table and bench are a hot new product that brings furniture that blends design with functionality into homes.

1. What inspired you to design the SABI folding table?

When designing the SABI folding table, I was inspired by a combination of several factors that are key to me. Simplicity is the basic pillar of the entire design. I believe that a simple and clean form also goes hand in hand with functionality that allows users to easily manipulate it. The table must be understandable and practical enough, so as not to complicate the lives of future owners. Manufacturability is also an important aspect. Not only the table, but every product should be technically feasible with an emphasis on efficient production. And last but not least, visual appeal. I tried to create a table that would be aesthetically attractive and whose subtle details would bring delicacy and elegance to the space. 

"A unique fusion of functionality and design, that's SABI, an extendable table that seats the whole family."

2. How many visualizations did you create before you were satisfied with the result?

In total, eleven different designs and about fifty visualizations were created. Three main shapes then crystallized from this, which determined the direction I wanted to take. The main point for me was functionality and aesthetic appeal, which is sometimes not easy to put together, but I am convinced that it was a great success. 

3. What makes the SABI table special and why would you recommend it to customers?

I think SABI embodies the balance between form and function, it looks elegant and at the same time fulfills its purpose. It is a quality piece of furniture that will serve for decades if the owner gives it some love and care.

4. How did cooperation with the JELÍNEK family business enrich you?

It's always fun for me. Each collaboration enriches me enormously, as regards the production technology itself, which I can also take advantage of in other projects or in my teaching activities. The JELÍNEK company stands on the strong foundations of honest craftsmanship, and behind every manufactured piece of furniture is a piece of well-done work. Communication with both the management and the technical department is a real pleasure for me and I hope that the cooperation will continue in the future.

5. Are you currently working on any other joint project?

In addition to the folding table and bench we are currently working on a variable storage system mainly for private spaces. It will mainly be chests of drawers and TV walls, which will certainly be interesting, thanks to their processing and newly used materials.  

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