Beds with storage space

September 24, 2014

Beds with storage space can offer you not only quality rest, but also plenty of space…

Beds with storage space

Beds with storage space can offer you not only quality rest, but also enough space to store your belongings. Compared to ordinary beds, they provide maximum use of the neglected space under the bed. If you are furnishing a bedroom of smaller dimensions, or you are bothered by a lack of storage space at home, then a bed with storage space will certainly be the right solution for you…

You can choose from two basic variants of beds with storage space. You can either choose a bed with a folding grid or a bed with pull-out drawers. Both of these bed types offer plenty of storage space - whether it's storing seasonal items or bedding.
The JELÍNEK company produces beds with storage space, which are exceptional for their high quality, functionality and modern design. The beds are perfectly designed to the last detail and professionally handcrafted. JELÍNEK beds are made of solid oak or beech wood.
Bed with folding grate

It can provide you with enough storage space upholstered bed ROMANCE, whose grate can be easily folded up at any time and you can use the space created, for example, to store bedding, towels or various seasonal things and objects.

It can also serve you very elegant ELEN bed, under the grate of which there is also a large storage space. However, you do not have to worry that storing your belongings in the space under the mattress will prevent the mattress from ventilating. Bed ELEN it is equipped with special vents, thanks to which sufficient ventilation of the mattress is ensured, even in the case of using the storage space. You can also open the bed slat at any time, even in the case of motorized positioning of the slat.

Bed with pull-out drawers
If you are wondering where to store your duvets, you will surely be interested in the great solutions they offer

EVA beds or REBEKA also from the company's production JELÍNEK. At the bottom of the bed there are special pull-out drawers, into which you can easily and quickly store your duvets in the morning after sleeping, without having to transfer them from one place to another.


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We provide above standard
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