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Sit in a really comfortable chair!

June 16, 2014

A comfortable armchair must not be missing in any proper living room. However, choosing a new chair may not always be easy. Therefore, be inspired by our tips for choosing the right chair that will not only look modern, but will also benefit your spine.

Sit in a really comfortable chair!

It is always important that the armchair matches the sofa and the design of the entire living room. Therefore, it is best to buy free armchairs that are part of the same set as the sofa. Thanks to this, their appearance will not only correspond to the overall tuning of the seating set, but also their height will correspond to the height and size of the coffee table.

In the company's assortment JELÍNEK you will find modern sofas that excel in their exceptionality quality workmanship, great design and above all the possibility of really comfortable and at the same time healthy sitting.
The chair should not only look good, but it should also be comfortable and healthy for your spine. Today's man spends a large amount of time sitting during the day, which unfortunately has a negative effect on his health. It is therefore important to eliminate these adverse effects on the condition of the musculoskeletal system by choosing the right seating furniture.

Anatomically shaped NOE chair

The JELÍNEK company therefore offers its customers elegant, anatomically shaped chair NOEwhich will provide the right support for your back, and thus reduce the fatigue of your musculoskeletal system. NOE armchair it also has a practical adjustable headrestwhich everyone can adjust to their height.

JEFET rocking chair

We can also recommend the favorites JEFET rocking chair, in which you will not only sit perfectly, but will also give you the opportunity to enjoy themselves. Swinging in the chair has calming effects and contributes to blood supply to the back muscles.
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