Living wall RÁCHEL

August 06, 2014

Are you looking for a modern living wall that you will be able to assemble according to your ideas? This is exactly what the RÁCHEL living wall is, which will delight you with its unique design and its high variability. Thanks to the perfect craftsmanship, all parts of the furniture set fit together and can be combined with each other. From our offer you can choose only those parts of furniture that you are really interested in, without having to buy the entire living set.

Living wall RÁCHEL
Living wall RÁCHEL we produce from BEECH and OAK in a material thickness of 40 and 25 mm. In addition, the beauty of natural wood will create a very calm and cozy atmosphere in your living room. In addition, solid wood furniture is highly durable and will remain in perfect condition for many years.

Practical chest of drawers RÁCHEL

In the company's offer JELÍNEK you will also find the popular RÁCHEL chests of drawers, which are most often used to store small items. Chests of drawers have different sizes and you can place, for example, family photo albums or board games or personal belongings in their drawers, for which you have no place anywhere else. Low chests of drawers they can also serve as a stand for your television. For example, a DVD player or a HI-FI set can be stored in the shelves located below. Chests of drawers RÁCHEL you can also buy it with a glass door.

RÁCHEL universal libraries

The individual parts of the RÁCHEL living set consist of practical ones libraries of various sizes. These cabinets with shelves have a universal use and in addition to books, you can display various decorative items in them, such as vases, statuettes or houseplants, etc. You can also buy universal libraries with glass lockable door, thanks to which you will be able to store things in them without dusting them.

Hanging cabinets and shelves RÁCHEL

The practical RÁCHEL hanging cabinets are used for the exhibition of decorations and you can also store objects in them that you want to protect from the ubiquitous dust. On the menu living room walls RÁCHEL you will also find practical shelvesthat perfectly matches the overall airy style of your living room.

Take advantage of our 3D designs!

If you do not know how to assemble the individual parts of the living set, you can use our services in the form of 3D designs. Our experienced experts will focus on the space of your room in which you wish to have a living set. After a thorough consultation with you, they will suggest several variants of how your living set could be assembled. You will be able to view the designs in 3D visualization and then it only depends on you which model you choose!
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