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New bedroom AMANTA - settle in heaven

September 14, 2015 Design and new products

For the second time, our company has joined forces with the successful and talented designer Jaroslav Juřica. The result of this collaboration is a completely unique Amanta bedroom set, which, thanks to its illusion of levitation, looks directly supernatural!

New bedroom AMANTA - settle in heaven

Bed with the illusion of levitation
A characteristic element Amanta collection is the illusion of levitation. The Amanta bed looks as if it denies the laws of earth's gravity and floats above the ground like a light feather. Because the bed is made made of solid oak wood, there is a unique contrast, where durable wood suddenly looks very light, without actually losing its strength and volume. The impression of the bed floating above the ground is further enhanced by the night shelves, which are connected to the sides of the bed and thus evoke small wings.

This unique levitating effect of the bed is achieved significantly receded plinthwho looking at the bed is not visible. The minimalist design underlines the clean and airy character of this collection.

Bed Amanta she is also very impressive with her full wooden front, on which knots are intentionally admitted. With the help of natural oils, the detail of the headboard and the connection of the shelf to the side of the bed is further emphasized. We offer our customers an exclusive Amanta bed in various sizes together with special modifications and storage options.

Amanta Collection accessories

The Amanta collection also includes spacious wardrobe and practical chests of drawers of various sizes. This additional bedroom furniture is also made of solid oak wood and with its clean simple design it fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the whole collection. You can also notice a slightly reclined plinth in the cabinet and chest of drawers, which perfectly corresponds to the design of the levitating bed.

A unique combination of two color shades

Amanta furniture collection combines in a unique way two color shades, thanks to which an interesting revival of furniture is achieved. In addition, the two-color combination provides variability when integrated into an interior that uses multiple color shades.

They are used for the production of the Amanta collection natural colored oils, which perfectly protects wood, preserves its natural pattern and at the same time provides a wide range of colors, including rich shades. We have created 4 basic color combinations for our Amanta collection. In case of your interest, however, you can freely choose one of the shades in our pickling and oil swatches.

Massive - perfect interplay of shapes and materials

A common element of the Amanta furniture collection are also markedly rounded edgeswhich have both functional and ergonomic significance. You will appreciate the rounded edges especially at the sides of the bed when sitting on the mattress. Another exceptional element of this bedroom set is the recognition of the salvage of the sides and fronts by strong ones pin connections. The drawing of solid wood with visible pores gives the Amanta bedroom a unique aesthetic expression.


The Amanta bedroom won the award GRAND PRIX

The Amanta bedroom had its premiere at the FOR FURNITURE 2015 trade fair, which took place on 19-22. 3 2015 in Prague. Here we successfully presented our new bedroom as part of the Design Shaker show. The expert jury awarded our collection Amanta here prestigious award GRAND PRIX, which makes us very happy!

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