Furniture with storage space

May 30, 2014

There is never enough storage space in the home, especially if you have a small apartment. In this case, you are definitely trying to use every free corner. But how do you prevent your household from being overcrowded?

Furniture with storage space

The ideal solution is therefore to buy practical furniture with storage spacewhich can provide you with a really large area for storing your excess items without constantly being in your eyes or interfering with the room.

Furniture with storage space it will be great for storing spare bedding, bed linen, towels or various seasonal items, for example.
One of the most well-known options for storing surplus items is to use the space under the bed. In the company's assortment JELÍNEK you will find several types of beds which, in addition to an elegant design and a pleasant healthy sleep, also offer you the option of storing things. 
A great tip is also popular with customers ELEN bed, whose grate can be easily opened at any time and you can use the space again to store your items. The advantage of this bed is very well provided ventilation of the mattress and storage space under the grate. The resulting storage space can also be used in the case of motorized positioning of the grate.
If you want to have storage space for your duvets right next to the bed, you will surely be thrilled by the very practical and perfect design. REBEKA, which is equipped with practical pull - out drawers in which you can easily store your bedding every morning and easily pull it out again in the evening without having to move heavy duvets from place to place.

However, you don't have to use only the space under your bed to store your belongings. Firm JELÍNEK also offers a unique RÁCHEL sofa, which you can have on request with folding storage space. Thanks to this, you will be able to make full use of all the furniture in your living room without having to buy additional special cabinets or chests of drawers for your excess items.

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