ZIRBE wood bedroom

May 15, 2014 Design and new products

Do you want to have a beautiful bedroom and at the same time do something for your health? Get bedroom furniture made of the unique ZIRBE wood, which is not only exceptional in its appearance, but also has a positive effect on human health and the psyche.

ZIRBE wood bedroom

Firm JELÍNEK is the first in the Czech Republic to offer customers a unique ZIRBE wood furniture. This exceptional tree, which grows mainly in alpine areas, represents the latest trend in the field of healthy sleep and bedroom furniture. Wood ZIRBE because it contains a unique substance pinosylvin, which has its characteristic odor, is gradually released from wood and has a very positive effect on the human body. Scientific studies have shown that this substance lowers heart rate approximately 3,500 beats during an eight-hour sleep, which corresponds to about one hour of cardiac activity. 

As a result, sleep becomes deeper and the body relaxes more. Then you feel refreshed in the morning and are more efficient during the day. The energy of this exceptional wood also has a positive effect on the human psyche. ZIRBE wood in addition, it helps alleviate hypersensitivity of the human body to duringrepels moths and annoying insects from the bedroom and has antibacterial effects. Thanks to this, ZIRBE wood is also suitable for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and young children. ZIRBE wood is known to have been a widely used material for making cribs and cots for its soothing properties, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep for young children throughout the night.

Home of this unique, slow growing alpine pine zirbe (pinus cembra) are the Alps and the Carpathians, where it occurs at an altitude of 1600 m and lives up to 400 years. The positive energy from the zirbe tree has been known for centuries and is why local people call it "Queen of the Alps."
To be able to ZIRBE wood furniture However, it is necessary for the wood to breathe freely to release its essential oils and thus have a positive effect on the human body. That's why the company JELÍNEK manufactures ZIRBE wood furniture without metal joints and surface treatment.
In the company's assortment JELÍNEK you will find a unique bedroom set ZIRBEwhich will delight you with its perfect workmanship and pure natural form. The offer includes double beds, practical bedside tables, chest of drawers and a practical bar locker. You can choose from different sizes of furniture.
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