Which mattress cover to choose?

January 12, 2016 How to choose a mattress

Nowadays, allergies, eczema and weakened immunity is a removable and washable mattress cover for…

Which mattress cover to choose?

In today's age of allergies, eczema and weakened immunity, a removable and washable mattress cover is indispensable for proper bed hygiene.

During sleep, a person sweats 0.5 - 1l of sweat. Salts, fats and other impurities then remain in the coating. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to regular hygiene of the cover.

All types of mattresses produced by the JELÍNEK company are equipped with a removable, washing cover, stitched with an anti-allergic layer made of hollow fiber.

When choosing upholstery, the JELÍNEK company pays attention to absolute health safety and top quality, which it regularly checks in the state testing laboratory.

The customer can have the cover produced in several variants:

COTTON cover

It is made of 100% cotton, suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Cotton is a grateful material, characterized by strength and longevity.
Washability: boiling up to 90 ° C
TIP: Suitable for individuals who like a firmer and cooler mattress surface.


MicroActive cover - the most popular product

It consists of three layers, which guarantees good moisture wicking and extended life. GREENFIRST natural treatment is based on essential oils of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus. It is characterized by the ability to actively destroy fungi and bacteria and therefore the MicroActive coating is suitable for allergy sufferers. These properties last up to 30 washes.
Washability: up to 60 ° C
TIP: The cover is softer and will give you a pleasant feeling of warmth when lying down.

microactive  greenfirst


Microcapsules with extracts of the beneficial plant Aloe Vera, which is characterized by its healing and antibacterial effects on the skin and helps to regenerate it, are woven into the fibers of the coating. The aroma of the plant prevents the formation of odors, removes adverse microorganisms and thus provides protection against bacteria and fungi. The cover is characterized by high moisture absorption, it is suitable for allergy sufferers and for individuals who suffer from excessive sweating.
Washability: up to 60 ° C
TIP: The cover is softer and will give you a pleasant feeling of warmth when lying down.


SANAPUR cover (for healthcare)

It is a washable, vapor-permeable, breathable cover, suitable for use in healthcare and in the care of long-term patients, to whom it ensures real comfort. SANAPUR is resistant to fungi and bacteria and can be treated with common disinfectants.



Summary and advice in conclusion
We understand that choosing a cover may not be easy. If you can't choose according to the properties of the covers, choose the one that is most comfortable for you. The most popular cover of our company is the MicroActive cover.

Of course, also do not forget to take care of the cover properly and Wash at least once a year and let the mattress aerateto maintain basic mattress hygiene. 

If you do not know your advice or need advice on anything, do not hesitate to contact us at any time contact, we will be happy to help you choose a cover.

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