How to choose a mattress

October 29, 2014 Tips and tricks

Healthy and comfortable sleep has a very positive impact on our psyche and physical condition. For example, if you suffer from back problems, there is no better investment than buying a new mattress. But how to choose the right mattress so that we are really happy with it?

How to choose a mattress

The most important feature that every mattress should have is to ensure proper support of the whole body and should also allow rest and relaxation of the muscles around the spine. It is precisely these abilities that he perfectly meets orthopedic slatted mattress SÁRA from the production of JELÍNEK, which has a built-in flexible lamella grate. This ensures proper body support in every position during sleep. This way, your spine will be in its natural position when you sleep, thus preventing it from being deformed or overloaded.

Age and weight of the user

When choosing a mattress, it is good to take into account the age of the person who will use the mattress. While younger people prefer stiffer materials, older people have an increased need for comfort and prefer more flexible and softer materials. Orthopedic slatted mattress SARA allows you to adjust the stiffness according to your needs and requirements. The stiffness of the mattress can be adjusted and changed in the individual zones by simply replacing the spring beams.

Spreading layer

The SÁRA mattress is placed on the flexible slatted frame of the mattress highly breathable spreading layer, ensuring an even distribution of body weight. The JELÍNEK company allows its customers to choose the type of distribution layer that will suit them best. You can choose, for example, your favorite cold PUR foam, NAWAPUR, CELLPUR, XDURA or luxury latex foam EMBRACE.  You will also find in our offer NATURLATEX foam, for the production of which 100% natural milk from Brazilian rubber tree is used. The spreading layers from the JELÍNEK menu are breathable and thus prevent the formation of mold or the multiplication of mites.

Mattress cover

It is also important to keep your bed in for a healthy and restful sleep hygienic cleanliness. The mattress is an ideal place for the multiplication of mites and bacteria. The cover of the SARA mattress is therefore removable and washable. You can choose from three types of covers! For example, you can choose a cover made of 100% cottonwhich can only be washed at 90 ° C! There is also a cover with technology on offer Micro active consisting of three layers that ensure good moisture wicking, thus preventing the formation of mold. You can also choose a mattress cover with extracts from the plant Aloe vera, whose aroma prevents the formation of odors, removes adverse microorganisms and thus provides protection against bacteria and fungi. The cover is characterized by high moisture absorption, is suitable for allergy sufferers and can be washed at temperatures up to 60 ° C.

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