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How can orthopedic slatted mattresses help you sleep healthy?

16. May 2019 Healthy sleep

Do you wake up all over the break and can't sleep? The secret of a healthy rest is not only in…

How can orthopedic slatted mattresses help you sleep healthy?

Do you wake up all over the break and can't sleep? The secret of a healthy rest is not only in the hours spent in bed. It also depends on the quality of rest. An orthopedic slatted mattress helps improve sleep. What makes it special? And why will you get up from it better rested?

The bed is undoubtedly one of the most important inventions of all time. During sleep, we can regenerate up to 90 % of our physical and mental strength. Of course, it depends very much on its quality. Deep, healthy and regenerating sleep is largely a matter of environment - as you settle down and sleep. The mattress is especially important.

Does your back hurt? Choose an orthopedic slatted mattress!

Back pain is associated with a modern lifestyle. Sedentary employment or, on the contrary, physically demanding work does not benefit our body. All the more important is the right rest. We spend a third of our lives in bed and it depends mainly on the mattress, how this time will be beneficial for our body. In addition to having a good time on the mattress, The mattress also affects how the spine, joints and internal organs regenerate. How you sleep at night will affect your whole day.

Experts have long pointed out that one of The most common cause of back pain is unsatisfactory hardness of the mattress and incorrect spine support at rest. The solution is orthopedic slatted mattresses made to measure, which adapts not only to the figure, but also to sleep habits.
And why is proper spinal support so important? Because helps to relax the intervertebral discs. These can then be perfused and the spine and the entire nervous system regenerates better. The difference between sleeping on an ordinary and orthopedic slatted mattress is therefore striking.

Orthopedic slatted frame relieves the back

Orthopedic lamella grate from beech is an integral part of all mattresses manufactured by the Czech company JELÍNEK. What makes it so unique? This flexible orthopedic slatted grate is built-in inside the mattress and can copy the shape of the body firmly enough and at the same time sensitively in any position and therefore also supports it correctly.

The axis of the spine remains straight when lying on its side, and if you lie on your back, the spine remains in its natural physiologically curved shape. The muscles relax, the body relaxes and regenerates. Joints, ligaments and discs are also relieved, so eventually the nervous system also rests and the internal organs can regenerate.

See what position the body should take when sleeping:

What is the orthopedic lamella grate made of?

The flexible grate is composed of a large number of wooden slats. Thanks to the transverse attachment in the cotton housings of the beams made of high-quality PUR foam the slats spring more in the longitudinal direction than in the transverse direction. The body is not buried in the mattress, but is supported in its natural line, it stretches better and relaxes.

The entire grate is made of non-hazardous materials and its design provides a large space for moisture removal. The advantage is that the orthopedic slatted frame allows you to set the stiffness of the suspension according to the weight category. And you can easily do it yourself at home - by simply opening and removing it, the spring beams can be replaced. The JELÍNEK company will replace these beams with a different hardness for one year free of charge, if the hardness of the mattress does not suit you. It goes without saying then shoulder and hip softening of beamsto make sleep healthy and comfortable at the same time.

Construction of orthopedic slatted mattresses

They are characteristic of orthopedic slatted mattresses three longitudinal spring beams made of high quality PUR foam. According to the user's weight, the spring hardness can be set in the following weight categories:

  • up to 60 kg - gray,
  • 60 to 80 kg - blue,
  • 80 to 110 kg - pink,
  • over 110 kg - orange.

Spring girders can be replaced with others according to the specified weight category, free of charge within one year of purchasing the mattress.

See the specific composition of medical mattresses:

SARA Spirit
SÁRA Spirit mattress

SARA Comfort
SÁRA Comfort mattress

Additional layers of medical mattresses

It is then placed on the orthopedic lamella grate breathable spreading layer, which ensures an even distribution of body weight without pushing on any part of the mattress. This is essential for proper blood circulation and regeneration.

You can choose from several distribution layers made of high quality foams. They are all distinguished excellent point elasticity, which contributes to a significant relaxation of muscles and tendons. These foams have excellent breathability, so they wick away moisture and sweat well. Learn more about spreading layers.

Covers for orthopedic slatted mattresses

Each orthopedic slatted mattress is equipped removable coverwhich allows easy maintenance of the mattress. The cover protects the mattress and can be easily replaced. You can buy for example two alternating covers, and if you wash the original cover, you don't have to wait for it to dry. Find out more about mattress covers.

Mattress protector COOLER

WARMER mattress protector

They are also useful protectors mattresses. You can choose cooling protector for summer - COOLERwhich absorbs heat very well and the body does not overheat during sleep. Even on hot days, you can enjoy undisturbed sleep thanks to the cooling feeling. Conversely, you can choose for the winter season warm winter protector - WARMERwhich creates a perfect feeling of warmth and helps the body maintain a temperature balance.

What other advantages do orthopedic slatted mattresses have?

Mattresses pure Czech company JELÍNEK they do not contain any metals (so-called antennas) and are not harmful to health. They were popular not only with households, but also with hospitals and hotels, for example. So far they have found 200 thousand satisfied customerswho appreciate high quality sleep. Will you join them?

Take a look orthopedic slatted mattresses JELÍNEK or come and try them in person at one of ours or partners salable.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our specialist for healthy sleep

David Srněnský
Healthy sleep specialist, sales representative
M:  +420 724 211 243 | E: srnensky@ jelinek.eu  | W: www.jelinek.eu

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