10 principles of healthy sleep

February 15, 2017 Tips and tricks

Good sleep is an important basis of our energy and good mood during the day. It is also very closely related to our good health. So if you want to feel comfortable while relaxing and at the same time really relax well, it is important to follow a few principles of healthy sleep.

10 principles of healthy sleep

Ten healthy sleep

1. Anatomically correct body support

The mattress must be sufficient firmly and sensitively copy the shape of the body in any position and properly support it. In the lateral position, the axis of the spine thus remains straight, while lying on its back in its natural physiologically curved shape.

2. The mattress must "breathe"

The materials in the mattress must be breathable and thus guarantee sufficient air exchange. It is also important that the construction of the mattress also provides space for moisture ventilation. If the materials and construction of the mattress are airtight, an undesirable humid environment for mites, bacteria and fungi can be created.

3. The correct hardness of the mattress tailored to the user

When choosing a mattress, keep in mind that it is can be adjusted to the user's weight. Only in this way can the mattress react optimally to your weight and support the body correctly in its curves. 

4. Sufficient space for sleep

Comfortable sleep is required sufficiently large lying space. The length of the bed should exceed the height of the figure by at least 20 centimeters, the ideal width of the single bed is 90 centimeters (double bed at least 160 cm).

5. The mattress should be firmly fixed in the bed

The lying surface should be fixed (eg sidewalls) so that you do not slip out of bed at night. Experts recommend dipping the lower edge of the mattress at least 5 cm below the upper edge of the side panel.

6. Removable and washable cover

For proper hygiene mattresses are worth having  removable washable or washable covers. Frequent washing of bed linen at temperatures above 60 ° C should be a matter of course.

7. Health safety of materials

All materials used (bed frames, supporting slats, mattresses, bedding) it must be not harmful to health. The use of natural materials helps with its properties to best evoke the feeling of a cozy, quiet and safe place to sleep.

8. Pleasant color of the interior

When choosing bedding, beds and the entire interior of the bedroom prefer soothing non-irritating colors. 

9. Anatomical pillow

Anatomically shaped pillow sensitively supports the cervical spine. Even the best mattress loses its meaning if you lie down on puffy pillows.

10. Fresh air in the bedroom

Only in a ventilated bedroom can you fully relax. Don't forget the natural supply of fresh air - promotes the relaxing effects of sleep. The bed should also not be placed under the window (where the so-called stretches) or in close proximity to the radiator. External noise or artificial light should not enter the bedroom. 

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