Bed ELEN single bed

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Bed ELEN single bed

The elegantly elaborated line ranks the ELEN bed among modern bedrooms made of solid OAK and BEECH. A simple line based on a drawing of solid wood is incorporated in the entire furniture collection.    

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  • Quality craftmanship
    Quality craftmanship
  • Made in the Czech Republic
    Made in the Czech Republic
  • Honest craftmanship
    Honest craftmanship
  • 5 year warranty
    5 year warranty
  • Product description

    Thanks to the top workmanship of solid OAK and elegant design, the ELEN bed in Bratislava won the prestigious MODDOM 2013 award and is currently the most popular bed in our company's offer.

    We produce the ELEN bed from solid oak and beech in a material thickness of 40 and 25 mm and in the dimensions of 90/140 x 200 cm (single bed) and 160/180/200 x 200 cm (double bed).

    The fittings for placing the grate in the bed are height-adjustable . The height to the upper edge of the side is 46 cm . The lying surface depends on the height of the mattress.

    We also produce the ELEN bed with an extra charge in lengths of 210 and 220 cm.

    It is possible to buy a hanging storage space or a MAX storage space for the bed.


    We modify the surface of our furniture with ecological colorless varnish or natural "natur" oil . Oil impregnation continues the tradition of the old masters. The customer can choose from various shades of pickling or oils according to our basic swatches. All wood finishes are included in the price .

    Shades can also be adapted to individual customer requirements. In this case, it is necessary to supply your own sample , according to which we mix a water-soluble mordant or pigmented oil. In the case of pickling and oiling according to our own sample, we charge a surcharge of 5%.


    Web configurator notification
    The ELEN bed can be finished in various color combinations from the basic staining and oil swatches. However, it is currently not possible to configure and display these combinations when ordering on the web.

    If you require different color combinations, please specify the shades in the note when ordering or contact us.

    Currently, the most popular combination is an oak bed in WHITE oil and a line in DARK oil. This variant is also on the main photo of the collection.



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