Positioning bed frame - motor drive MOSYS, cabel remote controller

Positioning bed frame - motor drive MOSYS, cabel remote controller

The MOSYS positioning grate is designed for all lovers of luxury. Just lie down and use the controller to position yourself correctly.

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    Do you like to read a book in bed or go to work on a laptop before going to bed, but do you already have a spinal pain on your head and back with an shapeless pillow?

    JELÍNEK positioning grids are the right choice for all those who like to relax in bed after a hard day and need to let their aching back or legs rest.

    The positioning grid can be adjusted as needed. You can support your head, back or pleasantly raise your legs, thanks to which you will give them a well-deserved relaxation and improve blood circulation.

    The lying area is height-adjustable for all JELÍNEK beds (except LEILA, MIA, AMANTA and ZIRBE beds). It allows the installation of all our slatted gratings in the frame.

    For these slats, we offer a mattress holder, which is attached to the slat at the customer's request (see the picture in the gallery). The mattress holder serves to secure the mattress against shifting the mattress in the longitudinal direction.

    This motorized positioning grate can be combined with a suspended storage space.

    Motor positioning MOSYS:
    • suitable for customers who appreciate luxury and comfort
    • Hettich production engine, Germany - C series (highest series)
    • quality metal beams and metal gears
    • deceleration to the horizontal position in case of power failure. current
    • automatic disconnection of the entire device from the mains in the idle position
    • electronic voltage converter instead of a commonly used transformer - inaudible operation
    • safety catch against pinching
    • load capacity of motor positioning up to 110 kg

    We are also able to produce the grate in atypical dimensions at the customer's request. More information can be found in the price list of grates and storage spaces.


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