Positioning bed slat - motor drive MOSYS, cabel remote controller

Positioning bed slat - motor drive MOSYS, cabel remote controller

Perfect rest in your bed with motorized positioning slat. Use the controller to adjust the position of your spine for optimal support and relief from back pain.

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Product description

Get perfect rest in your bed

Tired of the awkward position of your back during evening reading or long hours spent at the computer? Long-term back pain can be a real problem. With our motorized positioning bed base, you get the opportunity to adjust the position of your spine and achieve optimal support. Get rid of back pain and enjoy a comfortable rest right in your bed!

Positioning options

You can position your head, back or you can lift your legs and give them a well-deserved relaxation. You will also achieve better blood circulation in the body.
At the same time, the slat has its own battery, which will not leave you stranded even in the event of a power outage, when the slat can be safely returned to a straight position.

Cable controller always at hand

We all know it. We are always looking for the TV remote, it is always in a different place than we need. Thanks to the cable that connects the controller to the grid, you won't spend long minutes looking for the controller. You will save valuable time that you can use to relax in bed.

He won't quit

Enjoy a peaceful night without worries. No more worries about slats popping out of their plastic cases. In addition, the bed base uses an electronic voltage converter instead of the commonly used transformer - the result is almost inaudible operation. The metal joints are covered in the grid, which ensures maximum protection of the mattress.

We offer a mattress holder for these bed bases, which can be attached to the slat at the customer's request (see image in the gallery). The mattress holder is used to secure the mattress against the mattress moving in the longitudinal direction.

This motorized positioning bed base can be combined with a storage compartment hanging.

We are also able to produce the bed base in atypical dimensions at the customer's request. More information can be found in the price list of slats and storage spaces.

Rely on our age-proven experience with MOSYS positioning bed bases. With our team, we have many years of experience in providing our customers with motorized bed bases service for years after their purchase.

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