Positioning bed frame comprehensive relaxation, manual

Positioning bed frame comprehensive relaxation, manual

Fixed and positioning bed grates manufactured by JELÍNEK provide greater opportunities for relaxation in various designs, from head positioning to comfortable complex positioning with a motor drive .

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  • Product description

    Do you like to read a book in bed or go to work on a laptop before going to bed, but do you already have a spinal pain on your head and back with an shapeless pillow?

    JELÍNEK positioning grids are the right choice for all those who like to relax in bed after a hard day and need to let their aching back or legs rest.

    The positioning grid can be adjusted as needed. You can support your head, back or pleasantly raise your legs, thanks to which you will give them a well-deserved relaxation and improve blood circulation.


    The reclining surface is height-adjustable for all beds (except LaVista, AMANTA and ZIRBE beds). It allows the installation of all our slatted gratings in the frame.


    Capacity gratings 13 0 kg. Based on the customer's request, we are able to adjust the load capacity of the grate to a higher weight category


    This positioning grate can be combined with a hanging storage space .



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