Sofa CANDY 2

  • Design Jaroslav Juřica

Sofa CANDY 2

Sit down with gusto. We were inspired by candy.

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  • Collection CANDY is exposed in 7 showrooms
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  • Design Jaroslav Juřica
  • 5 year warranty
    5 year warranty
  • Made in the Czech Republic
    Made in the Czech Republic
  • Oak solid wood
    Oak solid wood
  • Modern design
    Modern design
  • Product description

    The design of the CANDY collection is based on the natural ergonomics of seating and the comfort of round shapes, reminiscent of candies, boulders or pillows. And it is the candies that have become the inspiration whose character accompanies the entire collection. Vibrant and pastel upholstery colors create a positive atmosphere, enliven the interior and inspire playfulness when creating space. The CANDY color collection is designed in direct interaction with the beauty of grown wood. In contrast, the colored upholstery and the wooden structure stand against each other, which, due to its morphology, follows the naturalness of the material of the stylized branches of the tree.
    Emphasis is placed on the maximum comfort that seating furniture can offer. It was the combination of the human factor and precise CNC technologies that made it possible to create a seat that is perfectly processed and yet natural like a human touch.

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