Upper part to cover SARA Spirit

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  • The upper part of the cover SÁRA Spirit - HEMP
  • Hemp

Upper part to cover SARA Spirit

Removable top cover that can be easily replaced.

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  • Discount 5 %
  • The upper part of the cover SÁRA Spirit - HEMP
  • Hemp
  • Washable
  • Removable cover
    Removable cover
  • Non-hazardous materials
    Non-hazardous materials
  • Renewable mattress life
    Renewable mattress life
Product description

We offer an innovative removable cover in three fabrics Synchronic, Morrison, Hemp.

Hemp cover - with hemp content. It creates a breathable surface and has beneficial effects on the skin. The fabric containing natural fibers is naturally antibacterial. Treat yourself to a comfortable sleep with beneficial effects on the body.
Morrison cover - consists of a mixture of polyester, viscose, modal, hemp and flax. Morrison is a quality fabric with natural fibers very pleasant to the touch. With its unique structure and softness, it guarantees a maximum feeling of comfort. The coating is also environmentally friendly.
Synchronic cover - modern and good looking. In addition, it is characterized by its high quality, softness and elasticity. The unique appearance is given by fine fibers consisting of a mixture of lycra, polyester and polyviscon.

The upper part of the cover can be easily unclipped and washed in the washing machine.
Instructions on how to replace the mattress cover can be found >> HERE <<

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