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Distributing layer Xdura

Xdura - new 2019

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  • Soft
  • Breathable foam
    Breathable foam
  • Foam height
    Foam height
  • Product description

    Xdura unique foam different from other materials. It does not belong to cold foams, standard foams or viscoelastic foams. Universal soft foam suitable for your comfortable sleep without sweating or overheating.

    Durable - body moisture and long-term use does not cause deformation of the shape
    Very durable - tear resistant, but at the same time remains elastic
    Flexible - the distinctive structure of the pores underlines its softness, surface flexibility and elasticity
    Breathable - thanks to the significantly open cell structure, it ensures high air permeability

    Foam height : 7 cm
    Material: Polyurethane

    TIP : Xdura® is a sure bet. It suits practically everyone who is looking for perfectly flexible comfort and support of the body without sweating and overheating.



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