Distributing layer NAWAPUR

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Distributing layer NAWAPUR

Every single component in our orthopedic mattresses is replaceable. We can extend the life of mattresses for many more years.

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  • Medium / hard
    Medium / hard
  • Breathable foam
    Breathable foam
  • Cold foam
    Cold foam
  • Foam height
    Foam height
  • Product description

    NAWAPUR is a natural, ecological, breathable BIO foam, the main component of which is a plant extract from the herb common herb, known as castor oil. Synthetic POLYOL is replaced by an extract of this herb in the production of NAWAPUR foam. The healing effects of castor oil have been known for centuries. To this day, this extract is used in the pharmaceutical industry around the world. The foam has excellent mechanical properties - strength, flexibility, elasticity and long life.
    TIP: NAWAPUR - it's a sure bet. It suits practically everyone and is also suitable for overweight users.
    Foam height: 7 cm



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