Distributing layer EMBRACE

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Distributing layer EMBRACE

Every single component in our orthopedic mattresses is replaceable. We can extend the life of mattresses for many more years.

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  • Medium soft
    Medium soft
  • Breathable foam
    Breathable foam
  • Foam height
    Foam height
  • Memory foam
    Memory foam
  • Product description

    EMBRACE is the world's first highly comfortable latex "lazy" foam with a visco-elastic effect (sensitive adaptability to temperature and shape) with an open structure of latex cells. Provides unique thermoregulation and breathability. The body supports perfectly, does not create any back pressure and thus allows easy rotation. We recommend lazy foam especially for heated bedrooms, in an extremely cold environment its adaptability is partially limited.

    When purchasing a separate component of the EMBRACE memory foam, the blue DURÉN KOMFORT foam is not included , which is only supplied in the case of a new mattress. You can order the blue DURÉN KOMFORT pad here.

    TIP: Lovers of luxury will appreciate this foam! It has excellent breathability and prevents bedsores.
    Foam height: 5 cm


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