COOLER mattress protector / pad

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COOLER mattress protector / pad

Do you long for a peaceful and undisturbed sleep even during tropical nights? Try the cooling effect of the COOLER mattress protector.

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  • Cooler
  • Fabric cooler
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    Cooling effect
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    Non-hazardous materials
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Product description

Can't sleep in the heat?
Try the cooling mattress protector COOLER!

Peaceful and undisturbed sleep even in the hottest days? Get a COOLER mattress protector with a pleasant cooling effect! Thanks to the special manufacturing technology of weaving, this unique protector provides a feeling of coolness that does not disappear even after washing. Your body temperature needs to drop before falling asleep. If the ambient temperature is high, it is difficult for the body to lower its temperature and you cannot fall asleep. The cooling pad COOLER will give you a feeling of coolness that helps the body stay cool. Quality sleep is important for our health and thermal comfort is an integral part of it. The COOLER protector is soft, pleasant and ensures maximum comfort. Enjoy a pleasant sleep, without the feeling of overheating even on the hottest days.
  • ideal for warm-blooded sleepers
  • for the summer season
  • it is characterized by high heat absorption, which prevents the body from overheating during sleep
  • provides thermal comfort with a cooling sensation>

Simulated skin tests with COOLER fabric against other fabrics showed that COOLER keeps the skin temperature 1.3°C lower.

What is a mattress protector for?

During the daily use of the bed, the mattress absorbs various dirt and bacteria that are created by human sweat, grease or, for example, unwanted stains from food and drinks. You can significantly increase the comfort of your bed with a special COOLER cooling pad , which perfectly protects the mattress from the risk of contamination , contributes to its pleasant softening and significantly extends the life of the mattress .

How is the mattress protector used and how to care for it?

The protector is placed directly on the mattress and is very easily attached to it using special rubber bands located on all four corners of the protector. Thanks to this, the protector is perfectly fixed to the mattress without the risk of it slipping while you sleep. The protector is suitable for all types and heights of mattresses .
You simply remove the mattress protector and wash it in a regular washing machine at 30°C.

Composition: 46% Polyester, 42% Cooler, 12% Polyester - Lycra

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