Mattress protector

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Mattress protector

During the daily use of the bed, the mattress absorbs various impurities and bacteria, which are caused by human sweat, grease or, for example, unwanted stains from food and drinks.

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    You can significantly increase the comfort of your bed with a special mattress protector, which perfectly protects the mattress from the risk of contamination, complements the mattress with a feeling of warmth, contributes to its pleasant softening and significantly extends the life of the mattress.

    The protector can very effectively absorb moisture, destroy mold and bacteria or neutralize odors. The protector is also suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. One of the great advantages of the protector is its possibility of washing.

    The practical protector is placed directly on the mattress and is very easily attached to it using special rubber straps located on all four corners of the protector. As a result, the mattress protector is perfectly fixed without the risk of it slipping when you sleep. The protector is suitable for all types and heights of mattresses.

    The JELÍNEK company manufactures protectors in any size according to the customer's requirements in Cotton, Micro Active or Aloe Vera materials.


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