Furniture care set

Furniture care set

Set for repairing the surface of oiled furniture.  

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Product description

Furniture coated with oil requires regular care and gentle handling. Only in that case will the oiled wooden surfaces make a pleasant impression on you for a long time, which is why we have prepared a treatment kit for you.

The treatment kit contains:
- soap cleaner (200 ml)
- NATUR treatment oil (200 ml).
- sandpaper
- application sponge
- protective rubber gloves
- cotton cloth
- detailed instructions on how to proceed when using the treatment kit.

If you perform regular maintenance of the furniture (revitalization of the color of the furniture), you can use this oil (NATUR) for any other color oil treatment.

However, when repairing minor damage to the furniture surface (abrasions, small scratches, stains on liquids, etc.), sand the damaged area with fine sandpaper in the direction of the fibers , remove sanding dust from the surface and apply a transparent treatment oil with a cloth or sponge, if you have furniture in NATUR oil . If you have furniture in a colored oil treatment (eg WALNUT oil), apply the original shade of oil , which you can also order from us in small bottles.

For more information, see the instructions for use of the treatment kit.

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