Stool RACHEL to the toilet table

Stool RACHEL to the toilet table

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The RÁCHEL collection - this is a proven choice for a demanding customer who appreciates luxury and top quality from the production of a Czech manufacturer.

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  • Bedroom RÁCHEL is exposed in 4 showrooms
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  • Exceptional quality
    Exceptional quality
  • Made in the Czech Republic
    Made in the Czech Republic
  • Honest craftmanship
    Honest craftmanship
  • 5 year warranty
    5 year warranty
Product description

Assemble the furniture according to your own ideas. The variability of the RÁCHEL collection allows for many product combinations in both the bedroom and the living room.


The chair is a suitable accessory for the RÁCHEL bedroom and is combined with the RÁCHEL dressing table.

We modify the surface of our furniture with ecological colorless varnish or natural "natur" oil . Oil impregnation continues the tradition of the old masters. The customer can choose from various shades of pickling or oils according to our basic swatches. All wood finishes are included in the price .

Shades can also be adapted to individual customer requirements. In this case, it is necessary to supply your own sample , according to which we mix a water-soluble mordant or pigmented oil. In the case of pickling and oiling according to our own sample, we charge a surcharge of 5%.

What is the difference in substance categories and which substance to choose?
Category I fabrics
- Fabrics from this category are very high quality, but since they are made without a special surface treatment or without dirt-repellent fibers, they are cheaper and clean with normal shampooing.
Substances II. category - Fabrics from this category are of high quality and have a special surface treatment, thanks to which they are easy to clean. The TEFLON surface treatment ensures that the fabric repels dirt and any dirt is cleaned by shampooing. The AQUACLEAN treatment also repels dirt - this treatment covers the individual fibers with an invisible molecular layer, which prevents the penetration of dirt into the fabric and is therefore easy to clean with water.
Leather - III. category - This category includes natural leather from a Czech supplier. The skin is pleasant and soft to the touch, but at the same time it has a strong and durable surface that cannot be easily torn or damaged. It is easy to maintain, easy to maintain from dust, and is therefore very suitable for allergy sufferers.

The selection of fabrics in the web configurator is only illustrative and does not show the entire range of fabrics and leathers from which we can upholster your furniture. For the exact choice of fabric, it is best to visit our company stores or certified dealers, where you will find current swatches and we will be happy to help you with the selection.

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