Levitating bed FLABO ZIRBE wooden headboard

Levitating bed FLABO ZIRBE wooden headboard

Kolekce FLABO vznikla ve spolupráci s německým designérem Jochenem Flackem. 

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  • 5 year warranty
    5 year warranty
  • Made in the Czech Republic
    Made in the Czech Republic
  • Exceptional quality
    Exceptional quality
  • Modern design
    Modern design
Product description

"Like in the Clouds"

Are you looking for a bed that, in terms of material and workmanship, corresponds to the honest craftsmanship of our grandparents' time, but the design is completely modern? In cooperation with the German designer Jochen Flacke, we have prepared the FLABO collection for you, which combines functionality with modern design. Jochen Flacke creates furniture that combines these high demands and gives concrete form to dreams of comfortable and elegant living.

Rounded wooden headboard

The rounded shape of the wooden headboard will be a pleasant support during evening reading, watching TV or falling asleep. Choose an upholstered or wooden headboard and treat yourself to comfort you can count on. We recommend a removable upholstered headrest for the wooden headboard, which is the perfect accessory if you like to lean against the headboard.

Material for making the FLABO ZIRBE bed

We chose Alpine pine ZIRBE for the production of this luxurious bedroom. Furniture made of solid ZIRBE wood will amaze you not only with its intense aroma. The alpine ZIRBE pine tree grows at an altitude of over 1600 m. In these conditions, it grows very slowly, and thanks to this, it accumulates a large amount of natural PINOSYLVIN essential oil , which has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and promotes better sleep. Each piece of ZIRBE furniture is perfectly hand-polished and is not coated with any varnish or oil. Only in this way can clean wood breathe freely and have a beneficial effect on the human organism.

Furniture finish:

  • ZIRBE wood furniture is without surface treatment

Bed slats

All types of our slats are suitable for the FLABO bed. If you choose a bed option with storage space, it cannot be combined with a spruce slat from our offer. For greater convenience and comfort in bed, we offer positioning grids. Slats are not part of the bed.

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