Tabouret JEFET

Tabouret JEFET

The anatomically shaped JEFET rocking chair provides perfect relaxation in combination with the JEFET stool .

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  • Exceptional quality
    Exceptional quality
  • Made in the Czech Republic
    Made in the Czech Republic
  • Honest craftmanship
    Honest craftmanship
  • 5 year warranty
    5 year warranty
Product description

Perfect relaxation after a busy day

JEFET stool is the perfect complement to the JEFET rocking chair. You can also combine it with the NOE sofa set.

The bent parts of the chair are made of solid laminated wood using a special technology.

Furniture finish:

  • natural ecological varnish and all shades of oiled furniture according to the sample book are free of charge
  • all shades of staining according to the sample book are with a surcharge of 5%
  • in the case of pickling/oiling on request according to your own sample , there is an additional charge of 10%
  • we only offer OAK RUSTIC wood furniture in NATUR and HONEY oil versions

What is the difference in fabric categories and which fabric to choose?

Category I Fabrics – Fabrics from this category are of high quality, but since they are made without special surface treatment or dirt-repellent fibers, they are cheaper and clean with regular shampooing.
Substances II. category – Fabrics from this category are of high quality and have a special surface treatment, thanks to which they are easy to clean. The TEFLON surface treatment ensures that the fabric repels dirt and any contamination is cleaned by shampooing. The AQUACLEAN treatment also repels dirt - this treatment covers individual fibers with an invisible molecular layer that prevents dirt from penetrating into the fabric and can therefore be easily cleaned with water.
Skin - III. category – Natural leather from a Czech supplier belongs to this category. The leather is pleasant and soft to the touch, but at the same time has a strong and durable surface that cannot be easily torn or damaged. It is easy to maintain, easy to maintain from dust, which is why it is also very suitable for allergy sufferers.

The selection of fabrics in the web configurator is only illustrative and does not show the entire range of fabrics and leathers from which we can upholster your furniture. For the exact choice of fabric, it is best to visit our company stores or certified sellers, where you will find current sample books and we will be happy to help you with your selection.


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