Bookcase DALILA 1 IK1S without plinth

Bookcase DALILA 1 IK1S without plinth

Simple lines and precise workmanship, including hand sanding of solid wood, make the DALILA bedroom one of the current trends in modern furniture.

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  • Quality craftmanship
    Quality craftmanship
  • Made in the Czech Republic
    Made in the Czech Republic
  • Honest craftmanship
    Honest craftmanship
  • 5 year warranty
    5 year warranty
  • Product description

    In 2007, the DALILA furniture collection received the prestigious "CZECH FURNITURE QUALITY" award.


    We produce the DALILA collection in various designs:

    • DALILA LUX series - fronts are made in a material thickness of 40 mm with a slight bevel of the upper edge, the side panels are made in a material thickness of 25 mm. The upper plates of the chests of drawers and cabinets are 40 mm thick.
    • DALILA series - headboards are made in a thickness of 25 mm, the legs of the bed are reinforced to 40 mm. The upper plates of the chests of drawers and cabinets are 25 mm thick.
    • The DALILA series - CINK - more cost-effective - is made of an adjustable joint in a thickness of 25 mm, legs 40 mm.


    A specific feature of the collection are the milled handles on all doors and drawers.

    The library is a suitable addition to the DALILA living wall. The library without a plinth is placed on the chest of drawers and secured against overtaking on the back of the library and chest of drawers.

    We supply libraries with left doors as standard. If you want the door opposite, ie. genuine please write it to us in the order in the note.

    We modify the surface of our furniture with ecological colorless varnish or natural "natur" oil . Oil impregnation continues the tradition of the old masters. The customer can choose from various shades of pickling or oils according to our basic swatches. All wood finishes are included in the price .

    Shades can also be adapted to individual customer requirements. In this case, it is necessary to supply your own sample , according to which we mix a water-soluble mordant or pigmented oil. In the case of pickling and oiling according to our own sample, we charge a surcharge of 5%.


    We produce chests of drawers, cabinets and bedside tables in the following designs:
    MASIV product line • made of solid wood • bodies of beech chests of drawers and all cabinets are made of dimensionally stable slats veneered with natural veneer, oak chests of drawers made of solid joint • cabinets and chests of drawers have a back made of beech or oak plywood • bodies including drawers are modified according to selected shade • Drawer chests of drawers are equipped with damped full extension and locking


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