Made in Wallachia

We continue the family tradition and artisanal handwork since 1897.

Quality and sustainability

Our solid wood furniture will last for generations.

Human touch and handwork

Each product passes through the hands of dozens of people.

We understand healthy sleep

101 nights to try the mattress with a money back guarantee.

Our services from A to Z

From interior design to transport and assembly throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Natural material

Our passion for wood

Each solid wood product is an original , which brings a soothing atmosphere to the interior with its natural pattern and scent.

We collaborate with renowned designers on the designs of the collections and have already won many awards.

Sleep pink

30 years of experience
with the production of mattresses

We have been producing our SÁRA® orthopedic mattresses for you for 30 years and more than 200,000 satisfied customers sleep on them. Our mattresses ensure proper spine support and at the same time are maximally breathable. Wake up every morning rested and full of energy.

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Our vision

in tradition

Our great-great-grandfather started making high-quality solid wood furniture, and we have been continuing his tradition for over 125 years. For five generations, a passion for wood and for honest craftsmanship, reflected in every detail, has been running in our blood. Together, we strive to make our name synonymous with the highest quality solid wood furniture and the best customer care not only in the Czech Republic, but also throughout Europe.

Ing. Tomáš Jelinek
director of the company

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Nov. 2023

ZIRBE, Queen of the Austrian Alps

Queen of the Alps in your bedroom ZIRBE, queen of the Austrian Alps Austrian wood ZIRBE, also known as Alpine pine, has recently become very popular due to its health properties and pleasant aroma. This alpine pine secretes pinosylvin resin, which has beneficial effects on sleep. The aroma of the resin calms, relieves stress and lowers the heart rate during sleep, thereby [...]

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