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Which desk is ideal for you?

Dining table is always the heart of every kitchen. Such a table, however, serves not only to consume food but is also an important and centuries-old communicating element. By the table, we meet daily with our closest friends – family, friends or guests to share a pleasant moment ….


Table material and design

If you have decided to buy a new dining table into the apartment, you are sure to think about how it should look. In addition to its color shade, which should fit into the overall tuning of the room, it is also important material from which the table will be. The most solid option is solid wood tables that have high durability and durability. The JELÍNEK assortment offers a wide selection of dining tables or tables with Matelux top-hat top top, which stands out for its strength, stain resistance and very easy to maintain.
Shape and size
When choosing the size and shape of the table, you should consider especially what space you have at home. In open spaces, the dining table usually consists of a divide between the kitchen zone and the living room, or it also often integrates directly into the living area. In smaller and enclosed spaces, the table is most often placed under the window or it can be tied to the wall.
However, when arranging a dining room, you are not limited only to the space at our disposal but also to the number of people in the household. However, you should always choose at least two extra seats for potential guests. For a four-member family, therefore, the classic rectangular table with six seats is the most suitable, each present having an area for itself 60 cm wide and about 30 cm deep. In case you have decided for a round table, however, you have to calculate that the table diameter of 100 cm is suitable only for 3-4 people. The ideal solution is therefore to purchase an AMOS round table, which can be dismantled for your visit whenever it is needed.

Does your dining room have small dimensions and you need to make a great visit? We can recommend you an exclusive DAVID folding table, which can easily be stretched up to a length of 310cm! Up to 12 people can sit comfortably at this table. After the visit, you can easily fold the table without hindrance. If you have a small child at home and need to avoid sharp edges of furniture, ABRAM’s oval table is a great choice, combining perfectly all the requirements for a practical, spacious and safe table. You can also choose this table in several dimensional rows.