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MICHAEL bedroom

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timeless design

The MICHAELA bedroom is sophisticated to perfection. Timeless design is combined with useful properties such as strength, stability and top processing of solid wood. Choose the basic or advanced MICHAELA PLUS variant, where you will appreciate comfortable daily getting out of bed.

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Precisely rounded edges

Manual sanding of all edges ensures that all edges are pleasant to the touch.



Two side heights

The MICHAELA bed has a side edge height of 41 cm, the MICHAELA PLUS is raised and has a side edge height of 50 cm.


Metal handles

The entire MICHAELA collection is accompanied by typical metal handles.

MICHAELA collection

Lots of accessories

MICHAELA collection offers a variety of accessories. You can choose from various variants of chests of drawers and cabinets. Everything is well made and made in our workshop in Valašské Meziříčí.

How we make furniture

years warranty

14 years

on the market


Czech production


bed height

Top material from Czech forests

The basis is quality wood

Only quality wood makes the MICHAEL bedroom a very popular piece of furniture even after years. The MICHAELA collection is available in three wood species, BEECH, OAK and OAK RUSTIK. Unlike oak, it does not BEECH such a distinctive drawing, it is still a selected wood from a continuous joint. OAK is clean, made of carefully selected wood without knots. Variant RUSTIC OAK is characterized by its inconsistency. Knots and cracks underline the natural character of this tree.

Our quality
Color combinations according to your ideas

Options for your bedroom

In accordance with nature, it is possible to finish solid oak wood with furniture mordant (painted surface) or natural oil (without varnish). Shades of pickling and oils are available according to our swatches, or we can mix the shade on request based on the sample supplied by you. We make furniture made in DUB RUSTIK wood exclusively with oil HONEY and NATUR.

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Bed variants MICHAELA

We produce the MICHAELA bed as single beds and double beds with a double head height. The fittings for storing the grate are height-adjustable. The height to the upper edge of the side is 41 cm for the MICHELA bed and 50 cm for the MICHAELA PLUS bed.


Storage space

If you like to use your bedroom for lounging all day long and you do not want to see the bedding in your eyes, order storage space for the MICHAELA bed. We produce two types of storage spaces for the MICHAELA bed. The suspended storage space can be combined with all types of positioning grids, including a fixed grate with plywood slats. 

Hanging storage space it is suitable for a room with underfloor heating - it is hung on a bed, does not touch the floor and can be tilted from the side.

MAX storage space is put into bed and touches the floor. It is possible to combine it only with MAX grates with side or leg tilt.

Technical details

Other dimensions:

Height to the upper edge of the sidewall:41 cm or 50 cm
Space for storing the grate (up to the upper edge of the side):height adjustable
Extended variants:210 and 220 cm

The MICHAELA bed can be combined with all slats from the JELÍNEK menu.



02. 5. 2021

Price list of PAVLA bedroom in CZK


02. 5. 2021

Stencil of pickling and oils




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