Solid wood beds

Massive bed is a generously-proven piece of furniture that simply will not let you down. Solid wood is a very high quality and durable material with a long life, and has many advantages over other materials. So, if you’re thinking about getting a new bed, bet on the massive floor and see that you’ll be rewarding a couple of times …

Extremely strong and durable construction

Solid wood beds stand out with their strong and durable construction. If the bed is well-crafted, you will not be spoiled for many years whenever you turn around at night. This property of the massive beds will surely appreciate!

Timeless design and long life
Another of the things that characterize the massive beds is their incredibly timeless design. Solid wood beds are out of fashion, and solid wood is, for centuries, the most popular and most used material for furniture production. The massive bed looks very elegant and can lift and tighten every interior. Massive wood will also beautify the room with the true nature and thus contribute to your peaceful and relaxed sleep. Massive furniture is also known to be more beautiful each year. Wood is constantly working and maturing. Over time, it gets more and more beautiful shade. On the other hand, cheaper laminated furniture has a very low life, and in a good preserved condition it will last for you for just a few years.

Ideal for allergy sufferers and young children
Solid wood beds do not exclude any toxic substances from other materials and are not prone to molding. Thanks to these features, beds made of solid wood are suitable for allergy sufferers, asthmatics or young children. Also interesting is that solid wood furniture is resistant to electrostatic charges and has unique accumulation capabilities. Moreover, the beds from the massif are also environmentally friendly, as nature is being scrutinized during their production.

Beds made of solid wood JELÍNEK
JELÍNEK offers a wide range of extraordinarily high quality processed solid wood beds. Every customer can choose the design of the bed that will appeal to him the most. You can choose beds of different sizes with different types of faces. A suitable complement of the massive bed is the orthopedic lamella mattress SARA, which provides proper support to the entire motion apparatus during sleep.