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Right support during sitting

We all sit for a great part of the day. But this does not benefit our motion apparatus. Mostly we sit on chairs that are not properly anatomically shaped, which can cause unpleasant spinal pain and its gradual deformation. So if you want to minimize problems …..

with your backbone while enjoying a comfortable sitting that will not hurt you, bring your anatomically shaped dining chair and JELÍNEK chairs to your apartment to give you the right support to your back!

Dining chair ABRA
For your comfortable and healthy seating, JELINEK offers an anatomically shaped ABRA dining chair that will provide you with perfect back support for your daily dining. The ABRA chair is designed to eliminate undesirable spinal deformation while reducing the fatigue of your locomotory system. The ABRA chair can be ordered with practical armrests that can make your seating even more comfortable.
Armchair NOE
If you want to sit comfortably in your living room after a busy day, it’s no pleasure to worry about being in the anatomically shaped NOE chair that will give you the right back support. Thanks to this, you will significantly relieve spine and back muscles and help reduce the fatigue of your entire musculoskeletal system. The NOE armchair is a practically designed headrest designed for correct support of the cervical spine. The headrest can be easily moved and set to suit every individual person regardless of the height of the character.
You can also purchase a NOE armchair with a relaxing positioning option, where you can position it with the air piston system freely. With your favorite relaxation, you will be able to move to the chair position and relax in peace.

JEFET chair
Are you looking for a practical armchair, where you can enjoy a good TV or read a book? The JEFET chair offers you a comfortable sitting as well as a great prevention against painful spinal deformities. The anatomically shaped swivel armchair JEFET allows for a pleasant swing that has a soothing effect. Thanks to the swing, your back muscles will be in constant motion, which prevents their undesirable straining due to a rigid session. The armchair has a practical sliding headrest that can be adjusted to the height you like. You can also take a practical JEFET stool to the swing chair, which is a great relief for your feet after a busy day.
Wooden bent chairs and chairs are made of laminated beech. The surface treatment of the wood can be chosen individually. Upholstered parts of JELÍNEK furniture consist of anatomically shaped PUR foam and a breathable polyester fleece. Each customer can optionally choose a cover fabric from a variety of different materials and colors¨.