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Properties of beechwood

Do you like the look and smell of solid wood? Get your beechwood furniture in your apartment that will surprise you with its quality, durability and delicacies that will make your home a perfect place for you!

The company JELÍNEK offers you high-quality furniture made of solid beech wood, which will enchant you with its timeless design!

You can choose from a wide range of dining sets, living furniture or exclusive bedroom sets.
The beech wood has a brown to slightly pink color, which gives the beechwood furniture its unmistakable look. Beech wood is paved, very well made, sea and glued. Among the great advantages of beech wood is its good flexibility. Bent parts of chairs and tables produced by JELÍNEK are made of traditional beechwood technology. Beech wood is also suitable for veneering or plywood.
The beechwood furniture perfectly fits into every interior, is easy to maintain and you can enjoy it for many years. Beech wood is also suitable for allergy and small children.

Basic information about beech
The beech forest ranks among deciduous deciduous trees. It has a slim trunk and a regular oval crown. Beech can grow to a height of over 45 meters and its fruit is beech. Forest beech is abundant in Europe and is one of the most commonly used trees. Beech is also often planted as an ornamental tree in parks.
Beech wood and our ancestors
Beechwood has been widely used and acknowledged by our ancestors, who have believed in its ability to heavily absorb energy and remove various diseases, migraines and headaches from the body. Beech wood clarifies our thoughts, adds a taste for life and maintains a positive outlook. The old buckets of the rookie attributed to the beech also the ability to fulfill the wish, and the magic signs or runes appeared in his tribe.