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Prevent back pain with the right mattress and pillow!

Spinal pain is plagued by the majority of our population. Problems with the back most often cause poor lifestyle, overloading back muscles, little movement, long-term stress, and sleeping on an inappropriate bed. For example, if you have a sedentary job, you should balance this lack of exercise with regular exercise. But if you’re going to suck on a low-end mattress every night, any effort to improve your back will be in vain. But ….

At the same time, the right back position in sleep is key to spinal regeneration. During sleep, the body should ideally get into a relaxed position that will not block the motion apparatus. If the vertebrae in the bedside position are properly released, the intervertebral discs can also be regenerated. It is also important to provide proper joint release so that the cartilage does not press on the joint. In this way, your musculoskeletal system can regenerate perfectly during sleep, which greatly contributes to the repair of the damage that occurs in the day.

However, if you have a bed with too soft a mattress, your spine moves into the arc, which unnaturally compresses the intervertebral discs. Good too, however, does not have a too hard mattress, as there may be very painful depressions of the shoulders or hip joints.
Ideally, choose a mattress that will fit your weight, age and health. Such mattresses include the Soprano and Zora mattress mattress mattresses produced by JELÍNEK. Both mattresses have a built-in elastic lamellae that provides the right anatomical support for your body in every position during sleep. By simply changing the beams you can adjust the stiffness of the mattress. For mattresses ZORA, mattress hardness can be set individually in individual zones. The mattress layout layer and removable cover can be selected by our customer from our wide range.
Back pain will also greatly help to reduce the suitably chosen pillow. Generally, it is not recommended that the cushion be too high and bulky. Ideal therefore is to choose an anatomically shaped cushion that will provide the right support for your cervical spine throughout the night. JELÍNEK offers you an extraordinary quality HUGO anatomic cushion, where everyone can set the optimum degree of hardness as best suited to. Changing the hardness of the cushion can be easily influenced by easily inserting cores of different hardness into the interior of the cushion. The HUGO LUX anatomical cushion also allows you to adjust the height of the cushion by simply inserting a 3 cm pillow that is part of the pillow.