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Practical chests JELÍNEK

The practical chest can not be missed in any household. This favorite piece of furniture was already known to our grandmothers and at present the chests of drawers appear in the interior more and more often. This is due in particular to the fact that the chests look great, fit perfectly into every interior, do not occupy much space and provide ample storage space …

Small size and easy handling

While previously they have been a huge hit with a massive living wall, in recent years, the interior has been given preference for rather simple and airy furniture that can be easily moved and basically placed anywhere. The furniture that meets these requirements is just the favorite commode that can be easily combined with the rest of the solitaire furniture.
Enough storage space

Commodes are primarily used to store things such as documents, clothing, or other personal items and items. The JELÍNEK assortment offers unique chests of commodity made of solid wood, which are hand crafted and their design goes hand in hand with current fashion trends. You can choose from a very wide range of sizes of commodities and their variants. You will surely appreciate their spacious drawers and storage space with practical doors. In our offer you will also find chests of drawers with a glass-filled door, which in the interior is very luxurious and lightweight.

Using the chest of the chest

Commodes have many advantages, including their small size and low weight compared to large cabinets. The advantage is also that the chests are low, making it easy for you to wipe dust. Moreover, you can use not only the internal storage space of the chest, but also its top plate, which can serve as a storage space or you can exhibit various decorations and room flowers. A television or music player can also be placed on the top of the chest.

Chambers in every room

In the bedroom, the chest can also serve as a nightstand like a nightstand on which to place the lamp. In case you place a mirror over the commode, you will also get a practical toilet cabinet with enough storage space for your makeup. Commodes are also great for entry halls, corridors or canteens.

Commodes made of solid wood

The company JELÍNEK offers quality chests of solid oak or beech, which you can put on your own choice. The chests of drawers are part of the living or bedroom sets JELÍNEK, thanks to which you can buy furniture for your interior in the same design.