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Positioning bed frames

If you enjoy the comfort of your bed and spend a lot of time sleeping, reading books, watching TV, working on your laptop, or just enjoying a relaxing day out, you will surely be excited about the exclusive positioning grille from JELÍNEK, allows you to set your bed exactly to the position that suits you best…Why choose a positioning bed frame?

In case you want to sit in your bed, you have no pointing bed frame just for the uncomfortable backing of the back pillows, which can cause back or cervical spine pain. The positioning bed frame can perfectly support your head and spine in any position, making you feel comfortable while avoiding painful spinal deformation.
There are several options for positioning your grate. For your comfort, you can support your head and back or, for example, raise your legs. JELINEK offers several variants of positioning bed frames that allow positioning of individual parts and body.

Variants of positioning bed frames JELÍNEK:
· Head positioning
· Head and head positioning
· Head and body positioning
· Comprehensive relaxing positioning
· Comprehensive relaxing positioning with motor drive.

Advantages of the motor positioning bed frame

When choosing the option of a complex motorized positioning, you get comfortable positioning of the whole body without any effort – just by pressing the button! You will appreciate this option not only if you want to enjoy a luxurious luxury, but motorized positioning is also extremely suitable for people with limited mobility or for people who are long-lived on a bed.
The JELÍNEK motorized positioning bed frame is powered by a high-performance MOSYS motor drive, which comes as standard when it comes to powering down. current and automatically disconnecting the entire device from the mains while in the rest position.

What is the capacity of the motor positioning bed frame and what bed is suitable for?

The load capacity of the engine is up to 110 kg and the load capacity of the fixed grate is 160 kg. After consultation with the customer, JELÍNEK can adjust the grates to a much higher load capacity. Positioning frames are suitable for the following beds: RACKS bed, REBEKA bed, ELEN bed, MICHAELA bed, GABRIELA bed, DALILA bed, PAVLA bed, EVA bed and JANET bed.