JELÍNEKBlogArchiveOrthopedic lamella mattress SARA classic new to be delivered the next day!

Orthopedic lamella mattress SARA classic new to be delivered the next day!

JELÍNEK has adapted the production and thanks to this it is possible to produce a SARA classical mattress for our tailor-made customers in any modification to the next day!

On our website we have prepared several variants of orthopedic lamella mattress SÁRA klasik for you. You can choose your mattress for your height, weight and size of your bed.

According to our weight category, each customer can choose from 4 types of spring beams. In case of incorrect weight category selection, beams can be exchanged within 1 year of purchase of the mattress free of charge for another weight category. In the area of ​​shoulders and hips, it is also possible to soften or strengthen the beam by changing the core of a different stiffness.
The SRA classics mattress can be individually selected according to your needs. In our offer, we have 6 kinds of extraordinary quality and highly functional delivery layers that differ in their stiffness and other properties, such as greater breathability or increased moisture absorption.
When ordering a SÁRA klasiksi mattress, you can also choose the type of mattress that the mattress will be scalded. We offer Cotton, Micro Active and Aloe Vera.
Cotton can be washed at 90 ° C, Aloe Vera and Micro Active cover is washable up to 60 ° C. Thanks to this, the bacteria and the mites are not mature in the mattresses and are so suitable for allergists and asthmatics! In our offer is now also the cover of Sanapur, which is vapor-permeable, breathable and washable. It is therefore ideal for use in health care and in the care of long-term patients
Orthopedic lamella mattress Sara classics perfectly meets all the requirements for a healthy and comfortable sleep. The orthopedic lamella grille inside the mattress ensures perfect support for the movement apparatus during sleep. Sufficiently firm and responsive to the shape of the body in any position and ensuring its correct support. Both the muscles and the spine can relax and stretch completely during sleep. Thanks to its unique features, this mattress also earned 6 times the quality mark CZECH MADE and since 2006 has been awarded the prestigious CZECH QUALITY FURNITURE award.
The SARA classical orthopedic mattress mattress is a 5 year warranty, with 24-month springs and a lifetime warranty for beech lamellas.