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Czech Television visited our company

13. September 2018

We were recently visited by Czech Television with its program Folklore. The theme of this work was wood for…

Czech Television visited our company

She visited us recently Czech television with his show Folklore. The theme of this work was wood in Wallachia, as a beautiful natural material that has accompanied humanity since time immemorial. And how did the filming turn out?…

About the show:

"Wood is one of the materials humanity has been working with since time immemorial. In the folk environment, it was used not only as a source of heat, a building material, but it surrounded man in all possible forms. Whether in the form of furniture, daily necessities, musical instruments or accessories and art objects.

Of course, its processing has changed over the years, but the procedures are almost the same today. We will focus on those.

We will follow the wood on its way out of the forest - in Wallachia it is often tied with the help of horses - to produce handmade, traditional and factory. It is the owner of the horse-drawn carriage, Mr. Coural, who will show us the symbiosis of man, forest and horse, which will result in a fragrant wooden product. "

We have been producing furniture in Wallachia since 1897, so we did not miss the show either.

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