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Are you looking for an orthopedic mattress? A novelty is SARA SPIRIT

24. April 2019

You don't compromise with the new orthopedic mattress. Don't choose between comfort, good sleep,…

Are you looking for an orthopedic mattress? A novelty is SARA SPIRIT

You don't compromise with the new orthopedic mattress. Do not choose between comfort, good sleep, ecological and quality material, processing and maintenance. SARA SPIRIT has everything.

Get up fresh! New orthopedic slatted mattress SARA SPIRIT for perfect sleep

While our ancestors said that as you lay down and lie down, the modern world has brought many changes to our lives. The pace has accelerated and we need to get a good night's sleep to be enough. The mattress decides how fresh you get up in the morning. A novelty among Czech products is orthopedic slatted mattress SARA SPIRIT. How is she different from others?

You need sleep for your life as well as air or water. When you drink, you are probably careful if the water is okay. You want to breathe fresh and, if possible, clean air. And sleep? The better the environment you create, the better you will gain strength for the new day. The mattress is especially important.

Young beautiful girl sleeping alone in bed

Mattresses that you can entrust to your body

Stretching on a mattress means relieving your back, which you strain during the day, whether you are sitting at a desk or in constant motion. On comfortable and correct back support focused the creators of the new orthopedic slatted mattresses SARA SPIRIT. Proper body support determines whether it is well your spine, even if you are lying on your back or crouching on your side. Body support is also important for loosening the intervertebral discs, blood circulation and regeneration. This helps to solve problems with a sore back or, conversely, to prevent it.

To make the mattress really comfortable and meet the demands of your body, it is possible customize not only in terms of dimensions, but also in terms of the weight of the sleeper. It is also possible mattress SARA SPIRIT increase from a normal height of 17 cm to 22 cm thanks to the addition of a zipper spacer and a five-centimeter layer of ERGOFLEXwhich brings greater comfort when lying down. You can also adjust the emotional hardness or softness of the mattress to better respond to your body and make you feel comfortable.

Kernel orthopedic slatted mattresses SARA SPIRIT forms a flexible slatted frame, which is hidden inside the mattress. The basis of each mattress are three longitudinal beams made of PUR foam, which affect the hardness of the mattresses and their load-bearing capacity, which is important for a healthy support of the spine. In addition, the beams are easily replaceable. After the first year, they can be replaced free of charge and after ten years, their service life can be easily renewed.

Composition of orthopedic slatted mattress SARA SPIRIT

Healthy material that breathes

They ensure exceptionality of quality orthopedic slatted mattress SARA SPIRIT materials and manufacturing processes. We make mattresses with love in Valašské Meziříčí in the family company JELÍNEK and recently we have celebrated 120 years since its founding. The combination of materials and thoughtful construction gave rise to an orthopedic slatted mattress, which perfectly removes moisture, even if you sweat from illness or a bad dream.

Spread layers, ie soft parts of the mattress, ensure an even distribution of body weight so that it circulates properly even during sleep and determines how you will feel on the mattress. You can choose from right away four distribution layers:

NAWAPUR is an ecological and breathable foam, the main component of which is a plant extract from castor oil, from which, for example, castor oil is produced. (MEDIUM HARD)Mattress stiffness - medium hard

CELLPUR is a breathable PUR foam which, in combination with a special TENCEL fiber, perfectly wicks away moisture. It will be appreciated mainly by allergy sufferers. (MEDIUM SOFT)

EMBRACE is a so-called memory or lazy foam, which is characterized by excellent thermoregulation and breathability, perfectly supports the body. (MEDIUM SOFT)

XDURA is a unique soft foam for comfortable sleep without sweating and overheating of the body. It combines all the great features of modern mattress foams. It is stable and durable. (SOFT)

Easy mattress maintenance

He also got a mattress for the wreath removable coverwhich is easy to unclip because it has a zipper, so you can easily replace or wash it. You can also get a replacement cover, which you can attach to the mattress when you wash the original cover. You can choose from three types of removable covers. The four practical handles with which the mattress is equipped will then help you carry the mattress comfortably.

Mattress animation SARA SPIRIT


Who's on the mattress SARA SPIRIT will he sleep well?

Mattress SARA SPIRIT it doesn't compromise, so you don't have to. You don't have to choose between comfort, good sleep, ecological and quality material, craftsmanship and easy maintenance.

Together with the mattress SARA SPIRIT so you invite perfect sleep and rest to your bedroom, which will refresh your body and mind. Get up tomorrow filled with energy and good mood - choose your new mattress in a design that suits you.

Are you still hesitant?

Read or see how simple principles will benefit your sleep.

Where can you buy an orthopedic mattress?

Visit one of our corporate stores JELÍNEK or ask our sales partners. You will find us in 4 corporate stores and more than 87 business partners in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our specialist for healthy sleep

Vítězslav Dostál
Healthy sleep specialist, sales representative
M: +420 776 621 714 | E: [email protected]  | W:

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