People spend one third of their lives sleeping. Invest your money well and choose the right mattress for healthy and comfortable sleep.


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Good sleep is the key

You know that if you don’t get a good sleep the next day is not worth a damn. With mattresses by JELÍNEK you can be sure that you will sleep like a baby each and every night. Not only we adapt the mattress to your weight, height, night perspiration, or required surface softness, but during the first year we will adjust the firmness of the mattress for free if it doesn’t suit you.

Orthopedics mattresses

Why our orthopedic mattresses?


Anatomically correct support of the body


Renewability of all components = long-life mattress


The possibility to adjust the firmness of the mattress within one year for free


Mattress made-to-measure according to your needs

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Made in the Czech Republic

Just like the furniture, we make mattresses by ourselves. Thus, we can easily guarantee that we use only the best quality materials and pay attention to the precise manufacturing. We can adjust a mattress to your height, weight, or sleeping position as well as to how much do you perspire during the night. Simply put, we make sure you have the best possible sleep. During the first year, we will adjust the firmness of the mattress for free or we can change any part if needed.

Look in the production...

Do you have a backache?

One of the most common causes of a backache is an incorrect firmness of a mattress and an incorrect support of a backbone when lying. Therefore, we manufacture mattresses made-to-measure according to your needs and ideas. Our orthopedic mattresses will adjust not only to your body but also to your sleeping habits.

The orthopedic slatted base inside the mattress can firmly and yet sensitively copy the shape of a body in any position, support it correctly, provide perfect relaxation and stretching – thus significantly improving quality of your sleep and helping to solve a backache.

After all, we spend one third of our lifes sleeping and that’s why we should pay attention to the correct selection of a mattress.

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