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Mattresses suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics

Do you or someone in your family suffer from allergies or asthma? If so, then you know how difficult it is to avoid irritating allergens such as dust, bacteria or mites. In every room there are many places where these allergens tend to accumulate ….

One of the most risky places, which is often forgotten, is a bed. In mattresses it can be very good for mites and bacteria. Because we spend several hours a day in bed and during our sleep our body fails to defend allergens completely, the bed full of mites is a real health hazard. How do you eliminate the accumulation of unwanted allergens and ensure you have undisturbed sleep?
One of the most important steps that is needed for allergies or asthmatics is to make a mattress that is well breathable and easily ventilated. Such mattresses include JELINEK orthopedic mattress mattresses, which eliminate the risk of bacteria and mites growing to a minimum. This is especially due to the quality distribution layers that form the mattress padding. Layers are laid on a special lamella which is embedded inside the mattress. The spreading layers have a foam structure that does not provide the nutritive soil with any mold, mites and other undesirable microorganisms. The foams have an open cell structure, they are breathable and can be cleaned much better with open cells, for example, with a vacuum cleaner. For example, all popular spreading layers include the popular cold PUR foam, which is coated with special nozzles on the surface to aerate the mattresses to reduce the occurrence of mites. Last but not least, noples have a gentle massage effect.
We can also recommend you a highly breathable CELLPUR Foam that combines with TENCEL fiber to provide the perfect hygiene and comfort of a bed for allergies or asthmatics. The fiber naturally accepts moisture, which it later releases to the environment. Compared to other fibers, TENCEL has the highest moisture absorption capability, resulting in a dry and comfortable sleep environment. Even the other foams offered by JELINEK have excellent breathable capabilities.
The JELÍNEK orthopedic mattress mattress also has a removable cover that can be washed even at higher temperatures. The cover can also be ventilated at any time. Such a mode of protection is very important for allergy and asthmatics and eliminates the use of dust in the mattress. The covers have a special hollow fiber with anti-allergic fill and, in addition to the popular cotton coating, you can also choose a special Aloe Vera extract coating that has the ability to prevent mold and bacterial growth in the skin. You can also try an exclusive Micro Active coating that consists of just three layers to ensure good moisture removal from the cover.
Not only in the mattress, but also in the pillow, bacteria, mites and molds can settle. We therefore offer our customers an anatomical HUGO pillow that not only provides perfect support for the cervical spine during sleep but is also extremely suitable for allergy sufferers. This is due in particular to its breathable fill and washable coating with Aloe vera extracts.
For people suffering from allergies, it is also extremely important in what environment they are drowning. Some types of poor quality bedroom furniture are subject to moisture, they are affected by molds or they can evaporate harmful substances in the air. The ideal choice is therefore to buy furniture exclusively from solid wood, which is health-friendly for allergy and asthmatics. JELÍNEK offers you a wide choice of exclusive bedroom sets made of solid oak or beech wood that will delight you with its modern design, high-quality processing and high durability.