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How to make a healthy sleep

Sleep we spend almost a third of our lives. Although it may seem like a lost time to someone, it is not. During sleep, our body and mind rest, and so we draw a new energy without which we can not work. But how can we ensure that we do not have trouble sleeping, sleep well at night and wake up perfectly in the morning? …..

The only proven fast-drying recipe probably does not exist. Everyone is doing something different. Generally, it is recommended not to eat at least 2 hours before bedtime, not to drink coffee in the evenings and to go to sleep and get up regularly at the same time. It is also good to open the room before bedtime or leave a window open for the night. It is generally advisable to keep a lower temperature in the bedroom at about 18-20 ° C. Before bedtime, it is also good to pull all the blinds or curtains, as our body rests best in absolute darkness. In addition, street lights can make a very disturbing impression.

Even if you follow these tips for easy falling asleep and sleeping quietly, if you spend a night on an unsuitable mattress or inappropriate pillow, sleeping problems will persist. It’s nothing more enjoyable than having to spend after a busy day in a comfortable and healthy bed.

JELÍNEK offers its customers everything that is key to ensuring healthy sleep. We can recommend SARA or ZORA orthopedic mattresses with a built-in lamella grid that will ensure proper anatomical support for your body. You can choose from several types of exclusive and extraordinary delivery layers that are breathable, flexible and reduce the occurrence of mites. The advantage of these mattresses is also the possibility to adjust the mattress at any time according to your current body weight.

Mattress JELÍNEK has a washable cover that ensures hygienic comfort for your sleep. The SARA and ZORA orthopedic lamella mattresses have won the prestigious “CZECH QUALITY FURNITURE” award.

The quality of sleep is largely influenced by the pillow we sleep on. Inflated and unsteady pillows can deform the cervical spine and cause migraine. So, if you do not want to wake up every morning with headache and cervical spine, replace your inappropriate pillow with a Horto Horto Pillow that will give your cervical spine the right support it needs! The HUGO Pillow offers the option of setting the optimal hardness level that suits you best. Changing hardness can easily be affected by easily inserting cores of different hardness into the inside of the pillow. You can also wash the pillow at any time!

If you want to fall asleep in a healthy environment, you should also think about the furniture in the bedroom. Some types of furniture (especially laminate) can release harmful fumes into the air. Preference, therefore, when choosing a bedroom, prefer the furniture of solid wood, which will bring a pleasant and especially healthy atmosphere to your room. Massive furniture also has a long lifetime and is suitable for people suffering from allergies as well as for children. High-quality solid wood bedrooms can be found in the wide selection of JELÍNEK bedroom sets.