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How to choose the right bed?

Bed has a very important role in our everyday life. Depending on how well we sleep at night, it’s mostly our day. If we sleep on an inappropriate and uncomfortable bed, this piece of furniture can become a source of our health problems. But if we make the choice of the bed carefully and ingeniously, we can significantly improve our sleep, and every day we will wake up full of energy and good mood …..

How to choose a bed frame?
The bed frame determines how the bed will look. In the bed that you will like, you will certainly get better asleep. The appearance of the bed usually determines the style of the entire bedroom. While extravagant bedding is very original, classic-style beds are timeless and never out of fashion. The JELÍNEK offer you can choose the bed exactly that will match your requirements and style. Take a look at the clean, simple JANET beds or the more traditional REBEKA bed. If you like an interesting and elegant design, it will surely enchant you with the unique ELEN bed. You should also think about whether you want to have a bed with or without the front, or whether you should also have a bed bed in its lower part. The top of the bed is very useful because you can lean on it for example when reading a book. The pellet at the bottom of the bed can contribute to a feeling of safety, but people with greater growth can make sleep rather more difficult. A bed with a high pelt at the bottom is also accessible only from the side of the bed.
Bed´s material
When selecting a frame, it is important to consider its material and stability. If you want to invest your money in a really good bed that will last for several decades, a clear choice is a bed made of solid wood. Solid wood has high durability and durability. A well-crafted wooden bed will not spoil you in the years of use and will not make you turn around at night. Massive wood will also beautifully brighten your bedroom, leaving the room imprinted with natural surroundings.

What should the bed dimensions be?
Apart from the appearance, it is also important to think about the dimensions of your future bed. When selecting specific dimensions, it is important to follow our physiology. According to the principle of proper sleep, the minimum bed width for one person should be around 90 cm and the length should be about 2 m. Generally, the rule is that the wider the bed, the more comfortable. Also, the height of the bed should meet certain standards that range from 40-50 cm. At the same time, it is also important to take into account the height of your character, health, or age. The higher the bed, the better it gets to it, and the easier it gets. You will appreciate the high bed especially if you have problems with your locomotive. In the long run, it is therefore worth paying for a higher bed. JELÍNEK offers its customers quality beds with above-standard height of the lying area. This is especially the MICHAELA PLUS bed where the height of the lying area is 51-63cm and the GABRIELA PLUS bed with the height of the lying area of ​​56-68 cm. The height of these beds is also dependent on the amount of grate and mattress placed. High beds will also be appreciated by people with endoprosthesis or pregnant women.

High quality mattresses are the foundation
Each bed is of course a mattress. Too rigid mattress causes unbalanced body layout and excessive pressure on hip and shoulder joint and pelvic area. The soft mattress does not provide any support for our body when sleeping and causes spinal deformity and other problems with the locomotive apparatus. The mattress is therefore important to choose according to the individual weight and health condition. The SARA and ZORA orthopedic mattresses offer you the option of adjusting them to suit your needs and by helping you easily replace the elastic beams. Mattresses SARA and ZORA have a built-in elastic lamella grid, on which the spreading layer is laid. A suitable delivery layer can be freely chosen by our customers from our offer. The covers of orthopedic mattresses can be removed at any time and washed at higher temperatures. Thanks to this, your bed will meet all the requirements of hygiene and comfortable comfort during sleep.