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How to choose a dining chair

Have you decided to purchase new dining chairs? Then you should think about what parameters your new chairs should meet before purchasing. It is good to clarify what the size of the chairs should be, how it should look, what you need to maintain it and also that the seating on it is not only comfortable but also healthy ….


Dimensions of the dining chair

The dimensions of the chair have a great effect on how we sit on it. For free movement of the legs under the table, a minimum of 8 cm of free space should be between the bottom of the dining table and the seat cushion. The optimum height of the seat cushion should be around 45 cm, which is the size that allows the knee to sit at right angles and the foot is laid across the floor on the floor. The height of the chair is of course also good to choose with regard to the height of the people who will most often use them. The width of the seat should ideally be about 45 cm, and in the case of a chair with armrests, this width can be significantly larger. In general, the size of the dining chairs is also chosen with regard to the dimensions of the dining area or the dining room.

Design of dining chair
Design of dining chairs should, of course, be tune not only with the table but also with the overall style of the dining room. The chairs with backrests make it easy to get up from the table and also make it very ceremonial. Chairless chairs are less formal and more airy in the interior. It is also important to think about the material and the surface treatment of the chairs. Among the highest quality materials, of course, are solid wood chairs. You should also take care of the chair. Upholstered chairs look nice, you can choose interesting colors and patterns, but their maintenance is a little more complicated. On leather-cushioned chairs, maintenance is substantially simpler, but they are a little more expensive.

Healthy sitting
Since you really want to enjoy time at the meal, you should not spoil it by sitting on a chair that is uncomfortable. We also sit at the dining table several times a day, not just for lunch or dinner, but we also use it for work, writing assignments, or set up our guests for coffee. It is also good to place emphasis on the fact that the dining chair provides a healthy sitting and has a good effect on our overall motion apparatus. These include the anatomically shaped ABRA chairs from JELÍNEK, which will give your backs the right support. The ABRA dining chair is designed to eliminate undesirable spinal deformation while reducing the fatigue of your locomotory system. Its timeless design and elegant lines will surely delight you!

Height of the backrest
The height of the backrest is good to choose according to your taste, health and size of the room. In smaller areas, it is advisable to choose a chair with a lower back and vice versa. Of course, the higher backrest contributes to keeping your back upright and relieves back pain. The JELÍNEK assortment offers a wide selection of high and low backrests such as SEBA’s highly comfortable chair chairs or RACHEL’s modern minimalist chair.