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Healthy sleeping with JELÍNEK

The JELÍNEK company depends on the satisfaction of its customers, and as we all sleep on average 1/3 of our lives on average, you can find in our assortment a lot of quality products for your quality and healthy sleep. Let yourself be inspired!

Orthopedic lamella mattress SARA

A large number of people sleep on a mattress that has absolutely unsatisfactory properties and over time deforms the spine. So get a mattress that adapts to your body in every position while sleeping to ensure perfect support for your spine and you can adjust it at any time according to your current weight or health requirements! Such a mattress is the orthopedic lamella mattress SÁRA, which is the most popular product of our company

Anatomical pillow HUGO

Do you roll all night in bed, and in the morning you feel unspoken and hurt behind your neck? The cause may be in your inappropriate pillow. Ordinary pillows are usually unresponsive and can cause undesirable deformation of the cervical vertebrae. The ideal solution is therefore to get an anatomically shaped HUGO pillow that perfectly adapts your cervical spine to give it a perfect support. With this cushion, you can arbitrarily adjust its hardness by inserting different stiffness cores. The cushion cover is removable and washable.

Solid wood bedroom

A significant influence on our sleep also has the environment we sleep in. If you have furniture made of poor quality material in the bedroom that excretes harmful substances in the air, it may also affect your health. In the JELÍNEK assortment you can find beds made of popular wood or beech wood, which is absolutely harmless to health, is also suitable for allergy sufferers and young children and brings to your bedroom the positive energy of nature along with the soothing natural wood aroma.

Effects of ZIRBE wood

If you are interested in making your sleep really healthy, we recommend ZIRBE wood furniture, which represents the latest trend in healthy sleeping and bedroom furniture. ZIRBE contains a unique pinosylvin which has a pleasant smell, is antibacterial and reduces the heart rate by about 3 500 beats during eight hours of sleep, equivalent to about one hour of cardiac activity. Thanks to this, your sleep becomes significantly deeper and your body relaxes more. In the morning you will feel perfectly fresh and more powerful during the day.